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Mrs Ladylove

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Daddy's big shirt. [May. 19th, 2009 01:25 pm]

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back to blog. [May. 19th, 2009 12:53 pm]

i havent been updating much cos im going through a lil rough patch in my life. i'll get over it.
 ow i gotta post up all the pictures from the Labour day picnic with my family.

Vernice is wearing flip flops for the first time and finding it hard to walk properly. haha.
she looks like she's doing a malay dance.

see... she cant keep it on.

while waiting for our ride to pasir ris park.

Vernice 'chop' table for us.

Pig in the 'zhu-long' waiting to be bbq.

Vernice:" Where is the mhum-mhum?"


Vernice love salt water.

Wah, breast stroke.

and free style.

thats all , the cramps are killing me.
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(no subject) [Apr. 29th, 2009 10:10 pm]

Met Rachel for a lil shopping today.

Gotta get more dresses for upcoming shoots.
didnt manage to get anything today cos i brought Vernice along and we went the wrong places for shopping, lol.
Vernice's so curious about everything as usual.  First was velocity at novena, then J8 at bishan, but still cant find anything suitable; so we went AMK hub to try our luck.
good thing rachel got something.... i still didnt manage to find anything i want, even if i did, its not within the affordable range for me.

Backtrack a lil. Fiiiiinally met up with kwang jing and kejia at compass point, monkey couldnt meet us cos she's busy with her graduation project or something like that. It was kinda last minute cos they wrked the previous night and woke up late. i had a hard time trying to reach them on their mobile. Kwangjing even called herself a pig. But kejia was the ultimate pig cos she really couldnt wake up, hahahahah. and kwangjing have to come and meet me first cos i was alone with Vernice and Vernice waited until she fell asleep on me. ate a late lunch at Mac with kwang.... while kejia got ready to meet us, she was still preparing at home while we ate. so we joked that maybe by the time she reach compass point, we both will be ready to go back home. cos i have to leave at 6 and it was alr like 3 plus ... 4pm.

kwanging made this tissue rose for her.

after mac we walked ard, it was quick.... from level one to the top. haha... when kejia reached, it was 5.30pm, so we went to eat again, cos kejia havent eat, at Mos. This guy from our school, last time.... Isaac was working there, havent seen him in a long while.... said hi. then after that i gotta leave cos the husband reach home ard 7plus.. and i just gotta be home before him la. so they sent me to the busstop to take 27. boring details...here comes the point..... and we took pictures! =DDD

Kejia with Vernice.

Vernice trying to cover her head cos the sun was on her. haha.

then this was before meeting them, below my house.

She's such a darling...


i rant so much omg... cos im sleepy so i cant think properly, just blab everything out like vomit. ok bye.

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disgusting is the word. [Apr. 24th, 2009 12:03 am]

Imma hygiene freak & i hate it when someone else uses my toothbrush.
i've changed my toothbrush 3 (or more?) times.
its really disgusting... cos u have to put the brush into the deep corners in your mouth, where even french kissing could not reach... and u would 'share' that brush ?! thats like drinking someone else's saliva to me. eeeeew..

i dont know who is using it and i dont wanna question anyone.


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(no subject) [Apr. 13th, 2009 04:00 pm]

Current crave: Colouring books.

Thanks for being the love of my life.

Nautical Vernice.

Picture by LIU, from long ago.

Did a group shoot on sat 11 apr. Its at Magazine Rd, nice place. But i think the pictures will not turn out nice cos i overdid my makeup esp for the second outfit. really disappointed that no one told me... got a shock when i looked into the lift mirror after the whole shoot ended.
thing is, i just started using mineral make up, not sure what is the coverage like. it was fine in the first part of the shoot, then i went to touch up during the break when there's alr enough foundation on my face. the lights is the toilet is orange , so i cant see properly - thats why.
hopefully, they can DI to correct the paleness.

Interviewing for tax free asia tomorrow, i cant wait to work for it. last yr, i brought so many freebies( its not some small tiny kinda stuff its bottles of branded perfume, huge chocolate bunny, huge chupachups with 15 lollies inside, bottles of full size cleanser toner blahblah... think big brands...) home. this yr i should get someone to fetch me on the last day, then i can bring more freebies back for everyone....
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(no subject) [Apr. 5th, 2009 02:23 pm]

I found myself smiling for no reason today....

& i realised i was thinking of you.

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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2009 02:48 pm]



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many pictures... [Mar. 10th, 2009 01:43 pm]
[Feeling |optimisticoptimistic]

Hey, i'm here to blog abit while the husband pang his sai in the toilet.
First, here're the swimming pics.

We bring her swimming once a week, so she's a little tan now.


4th March - Gillian's birthday outing.

Valerie, Amy, Gillian and me.

with the birthday girl.

All of us were low on $$ that day so we didnt wanto spend much money. Amy treat Gillian food and i treat the movie afterwards.
We watched He's just not that into you, great show..... quite touching. then bumped into HuiRong, she was actually sitting behind me all along in the theatre but we only notice each other after the whole movie has ended. kinda stupid. After that Amy's Jentson sent me to Hougang. Thank u... =)


Sunday - 8 March.
Worked at HSBC women's Championship under Audi - the official sponser for the event.
It was great fun - cant elaborate cos the husband just flushed....gotta type fast.
I look damn spastic in some of the pictures, anyway all our makeup sorta melted after a few hours in the sun.
and all of us got this weird looking tanline at the neck, a triangle red patch pointing downwards cos of the polo t.

The 8 Audi "Ring" girls. I'm the only one wearing skirt ( i hate jeans ), so im the only one with funny tan line on my legs. !@#$%^~&*

My group with Lorena Ochoa - last yr's champion and sponsered golfer for Audi, and Audi's CEO- rich guy.

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i've got 3minutes........... [Mar. 3rd, 2009 01:37 pm]

The husband's cousin's wedding on Sunday.
before going out, Vernice used the spray to spritz her own face cos she's feeling sleepy.

The wedding's at SAF yacht club, lovely sea view place for a wedding. the buffet was real good, or was it... hungry people cannot be a fair judge. Sis-in-law's piled the food on her plate like a little molehill, a small mound.... but she finished most of it ( we're really hungry. haha!) Pictures with the jiejies after dinner and some catching games... My vernice is a princess.
Left to right: Christine 5 , Angeline 1.5 , Vernice 1+ , Lana  ?.

She's quite tan if u noticed.... thats because we always bring her swimming.

will upload her swimming pictures soon..(i hope so..)

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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2009 03:24 pm]


do you miss me?

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